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Available Positions

Robotics Control Engineer


Maintaining and designing: control systems, electronic systems, and software systems.  A successful candidate will be able to maintain the current robotic systems and develop new features as needed. This is a critical role within the company as it supports keeping the equipment operational and well maintained.


• Maintain robotic electrical, electronic, and software systems.
• Design new electronic and software solutions.
• Troubleshoot and repair electrical and fiber connections.
• Process “inspection data” and create reports using software tools.
• Provide field support including traveling to work sites.



Bachelors in Electronics, Electrical, Software or Equivalent Experience.

• 5 years maintaining robotic/controls systems.
• Programming experience with C++, Python, and C#.  
• Ability to read electrical and mechanical drawings.
• Experience with embedded and desktop programming.
• Must be able to lift 50lbs, work in an industrial environment, and climb ladders.

Please contact us for more information on potential employment opportunities! 

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