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Ultrasonic Probe System

Designed for tanks under 50’ in diameter, Manta’s Ultrasonic Probe System is ideal for tank owners looking for an affordable in-service tank inspection with limited to no downtime. The system’s lightweight/collapsible design allows the entire system to be crated and shipped directly to the jobsite via standard carrier.

Photo May 17, 8 33 47 AM.jpg

Manta’s Ultrasonic Probe deployed into a 120’ diameter AST containing No. 2 fuel oil. Our Ultrasonic Probe System is also capable of inspecting larger AST’s if multiple manways are available for deployment on the tanks top.


  • Designed for tanks under 50ft in diameter.​

  • Equipped with 2 cameras, 1 high definition and 1 infrared.

  • Collects UT data in real-time.

  • Utilizes sonar tracking technology, helping isolate areas of the tank for inspection purposes.

  • The entire system is compact, weighs less than 100lbs, and can be crated/shipped directly to the jobsite via standard carrier.

  • Fits through manway 8” and greater.

  • 2-man crew.

  • 1-2 days to complete typical in-service API 653 inspection.

Photo May 26, 9 05 28 AM.jpg
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