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Ultrasonic Crawling System

Manta’s Ultrasonic Crawler, upon completion of certification, was the world’s first integrity inspection ROV to hold a true Class I Div. I Group D Certification. With an array of 8 UT transducers, our Crawler system has the capability to collect mass amounts of UT data for interpretation. The design incorporates a rotary brush which sweeps a path prior to collecting UT data, equipped with high definition white light and infrared technology, our Ultrasonic Crawler is also capable of collecting visual data of the tanks internal condition.

IMG_0470 (2).JPG

Deployment of Manta’s Ultrasonic Crawler System into a large AST containing #2 Fuel Oil.


  • Class I Div. I Group D Certification.

  • Designed for large above ground storage tanks.​

  • Equipped with 2 cameras, 1 high definition and 1 infrared.

  • Collects UT data in real-time.

  • Utilizes sonar tracking technology, helping isolate areas of the tank for inspection purposes.

  • Weighs 150lbs.

  • Fits through manway 20” and greater.

  • 4 man crew.

  • 2-6 days to complete typical in-service API 653 inspection.

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