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Benefits Of In-Service Robotic Tank Inspections 


Eliminate the need for confined space entry.

By utilizing robotics, the need for personnel to enter the confined space of a tank is eliminated.

Less liability, by eliminating the need to drain the tank, in-service tank inspections reduce the need for multiple contractors to be involved.

Save Time & Money

Using robotics for internal inspections helps save tank owners and operators both time & money while meeting and exceeding API requirements.

By deploying ROV’s, operators will experience zero downtime, putting them back in control of their day-to-day operations. 

Reducing downtime and eliminating any unwanted costs operators may incur. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Traditional Out-of-service inspections currently require AST’s to be drained of their contents, cleaned, and degassed prior to entry. This process creates an unwanted release of Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere, presenting many serious environmental challenges.


By utilizing robotic inspections, operators are able to eliminate the need for degassing, as well as the requirements to collect emissions and properly dispose of AST waste materials. The reduced waste and emissions are considerable when evaluating the cost of traditional inspection methods.

Fully operational in-service tank inspections have proven to reduce emissions and environmental impacts. The cost associated with handling these emissions and AST waste products are pushing the industry towards more environmentally friendly methods of tank inspections.

Reduced Project Planning

The tank will not need to be taken out of service for the inspection process to take place, helping eliminate scheduling difficulties operators may have.


The traditional method involves extensive planning by the operator and multiple contractors before the job is ever scheduled. The planning process typically requires a significant amount of time from internal resources including engineering, supply, scheduling, safety, and operations.

Using Robotics for inspections allows the planning process to become simpler, requiring fewer internal resources along with reducing the overall number of contractors involved. Making the entire planning process simpler.

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