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Internal & External
API 653 Inspections

Manta’s in-service robotic systems are ideal for tank owners looking for an in-service inspection that meets API 653 inspection requirements, while avoiding unwanted costs of out-of-service inspections.

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Internal Robotic Inspections

Manta has successfully developed certified ROV's to perform internal API 653 inspections while the tank remains completely in-service.

This means that the tank can remain full of product and completely in-service for the duration of the inspection.

A typical internal API 653 inspection on a 100' diameter AST will take approximately 3-4 days to complete, with a 3 man crew.

External Inspections

Manta utilizes certified API 653 inspector's to perform external API 653 inspections.

Post-Job Reporting

Once the project is complete, Manta will provide a certified API 653 tank integrity report highlighting UT data & internal visual data collected.


Manta will provide this report within 2-4 weeks of project completion.

What is an In-Service API 653 inspection?

An in-service API 653 inspection is a tank floor integrity inspection performed using remotely operated vehicles. The advantage is the tank can remain full and in-service over the course of the inspection.


In a traditional API-653 floor inspection the tank is drained, cleaned, and degassed. This requires the tank to be taken out of service and in some cases, out of production. An in-service API 653 inspection can be performed at any time and has little impact on the facility and its operations.

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