Ultrasonic Swimming System

Manta’s Ultrasonic Swimmer System was designed to be light weight and maneuverable, making ROV deployment simpler and inspection time quicker. With fewer crew members needed on-site and lighter equipment, our Swimmer has become one of the most popular in-service inspection ROV’s on the market! With its ability to maneuver and navigate around tank obstructions, our swimmer is the perfect candidate for tanks with internal obstructions.

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  • Class I Div. I Group D Certification.

  • Designed for large above ground storage tanks.​

  • Equipped with 2 cameras, 1 high definition and 1 infrared.

  • Collects UT data in real-time.

  • Utilizes sonar tracking technology, helping isolate areas of the tank for inspection purposes.

  • The ROV is lightweight (25lbs).

  • Fits through manway 18” and greater.

  • 3 man crew.

  • 1-4 days to complete typical in-service API 653 inspection.

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